Saturday, August 14, 2010

KHA's Food House

KHA's Food House
Finally, my yoga midterms is overrrrr. It's time to reward myself for being able to do all the asana poses. :) yippeeee yippppeee yooo! * fingers crossed* I've been wanting to try this Indian resto in UP campus. I was intrigued when my officemate mentioned come I haven't heard of this before? I've been going to UP several times for street food fi-yes-ta! then Lo and behold there's this famous Indian eatery beside the pool.... hmmmmmm. So, to put an end to my curiosity I went directly to Kha's foodhouse. It was inside the UP Arcade near  the chapel. 

The interior is simple, not much ornamentals and the likes. Just like any other resto found inside campus.

price: student friendly; ranges from P100- P150 and they come in big servings

service: the servers are polite and accommodating, don't hesitate to ask them what their specialty is. :)

we ordered Jambalaya, it's one of the faves and it comes with a bowl of soup. I ordered one for me but this is actually good for two persons. We also ordered beef kebab because I can't eat the Jambalaya by itself. I just needed meat. But Jambalaya is a complete meal by itself. We also ordered this garbanzo thingy on top of fried pita. delicioso! :) You can ask for an extra pita bread for only P10. :)

jambalaya take 1

beef kebab

jambalaya take 2

garbanzos on fried pita bread with chili

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